born April 17, 2001 and died April 17, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy:
I was young and lost, then an angel kissed my heart. her life was taken from her before it could even start. I cried for many days and now those days have turned to years. but even in the midst of pain, I know she hears my prayers. 18 years old was I, and so afraid to live. To be reunited with her, my life I was prepared to give. But here I am, still on earth, never forgetting my first child's birth. for I know that when the wind blows, and the sun gently kisses my cheek, my little girl stares through the clouds, to sneak herself a peek. and even when it's dark and gray and life seems too much to take, I dare not wish for death and despair, For there's one heart I dare not break.


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